Three Lessons Ed-Tech Startups Can Learn From Innovator Sal Khan – The Startup Blog: Ed Tech From the Ground Up – Education Week

I recently watched an interview with Sal Khan, founder of the extremely successful ed-tech non-profit Khan Academy, and he touched upon three ideas that should resonate with ed-tech startups. Source –

District Collaboration Key to Improving Rural Opportunities, Report Says – Rural Education – Education Week

Sharing resources, teachers, and professional development may be the best way for districts to increase opportunity without cost, the report found. Source –

What Learning Will Look Like in 2035 – Vander Ark on Innovation – Education Week

We don’t know what learning will look like in 2035 but we can predict a wider variety of approaches and options Source –

Response: Effective Principals Must ‘Work Collaboratively’ – Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo – Education Week Teacher

In today’s post, Shawn Blankenship, Pete Hall, Jennifer Hindman, Steven Anderson, and Aubrie Rojee share their suggestions on how principals can mentor teachers. Source –

Districts Experiment With Virtual ‘Work From Home’ Days for Students – Education Week

A growing share of the U.S. labor force works from home, and a handful of tech-savvy school districts in Alabama, Minnesota, and New Jersey have taken note. Source –

Obama Budget Doubles as Policy Document – Education Week

Early education, scaling up promising district work, and socioeconomic integration are among the fiscal 2017 proposal’s highlights. But it faces a skeptical, GOP-controlled Congress. Source –

Curriculum Bridges Biology, Chemistry Basics to Prepare Students for High School – Curriculum Matters – Education Week

The American Association for the Advancement of Science announced the release of a new, research-based curriculum for middle school teachers that, according to early piloting, is having quite an impact on science learning. Source –

Parent Involvement – Education Week

An Australian study in the Journal of Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools is the latest in a pile of evidence suggesting that, while parental involvement in education is generally helpful, parents don’t always recognize when their involvement crosses the line into harmful “overparenting.” Source –